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Plan 1 Plan 2
Third party Liability
Bht. 500,000
Bht 1,000,000
   Bolidily injury liability
   Property damage liability
Bodily Injury Liability to Insured
Bht 200,000 Bht 500,000
Loss of life, dismemberment, loss of sight or permanent disability
Bht 1,000/week
Bht 20,000
Bht 1,000/week
Bht 50,000
Golf Equipment Bht 20,000 Bht 30,000
Loss or damage to golf clubs, bag, golf Cart from any accident or arising during play or practice on course or driving range
Hole in One
During golf tournament Bht 15,000
Per person/per accident
Bht 15,000
Per person/per accident
At any recognised golf course Bht 15,000
Per person/per accident
Bht 10,000
Per person/per accident
Premium Bht 850 Bht 1,380
(Including Tax & Stamp)
Bht 914 Bht 1,484