Boat and Vessel Insurance Claims Advice in Thailand
Thailand Boat Insurance Claims Advice

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Thailand Boat Insurance Claims Advice

To ensure prompt claim processing, it is important that you submit a completed claim form, where necessary, some insurers will just require the supporting documentation detailed below:

  • Report the accident to the port authorities, when appropriate.
  • Do not negotiate, settle, or admit any liability to a third party, and do not waive any right against any other parties.
  • Safely berth the vessel for inspection or investigation.
  • Keep the damaged equipment / parts for inspection.

Provide the following documents without delay:

  • Incident report detailing the circumstance of the accident
  • Photos of the damage
  • Repair quotation
  • Copies of the vessel licence and the master certificate (if applicable)
  • Maintenance records

Please note that any incomplete claim form or missing supporting documentation will delay the processing and payment of your claim. The above are general claim guidelines, further information can be provided upon request.