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Thailand Home and Contents Insurance Claims Advice

To ensure prompt claim processing, it is important that you submit a completed claim form within 30days from the date of accident/discovery; in addition, you will also be required to provide the following supporting documentation depending on the nature of your claim:

Property Claim /Contents

  • Report immediately to police any incident relating to malicious damage, burglary, robbery or theft.

For all incidents supply the following information and documents:

  • Evidence and proof of the cause of damage.
  • Original loss/damage report from relevant authorities e.g. the police. When a police report is provided, please include the case number and the address of the police station.
  • Photos showing the extent of the damage & the point of entry into and exit from the premises in case of burglary.
  • Original supporting documents showing the value of the lost/damaged item(s)/cash claimed.
  • Original repair receipt(s) and prior approval of the quote if the damaged property has been repaired.
  • The Insurers may send a loss adjuster to inspect the damaged property and/or assess your loss.
  • Don't forget to keep any damaged items in case an on-site survey is needed from Insurer. Nonetheless, dispose of any items that may be hazardous to you and or your children.

Public Liability Claims

  • Forward to us all correspondence unanswered from the third party and any writs, summonses or notices immediately upon receipt.
  • Do not admit liability or make any offer to the third party without our prior consent.
  • Identify any witnesses and safeguard any physical evidence Personal Accident Claims
  • Provide the Death Certificate and Letters of Administration

Please note that any incomplete claim form or missing supporting documentation will delay the processing and payment of your claim. The above are general claim guidelines, further information can be provided upon request.